Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging: An Inherently Selfish Act?

I'm not quite sure why I've started writing a blog. Indeed, what is the purpose of blogging? Will it facilitate my application process to law schools? Will it ensure me a higher grade on the LSATS? Will it find me an interim job to loosen the shackles of debt with which higher education has so graciously ensnared me?

Interestingly, yesterday evening's adventure to see 'Julie and Julia' prompted some of these thoughts. At one point, the down-and-out Julie (Amy Adams) receives a stellar vote of confidence from her mother who deems blogging to be a self-serving & rather purposeless endeavour.
Perhaps blogs do simply serve to perpetuate those circular 'me me me' thoughts that whir about individuals' brains?

Alternatively, I could romanticize this issue (as I am wont to do :) )--blogging then becomes an impassioned attempt to thrust oneself into the vast expanse of the world wide web in search of a faint glimmer of humanity--a pitiful call for intimate connection in a world of impersonal 'interconnectedness'.

Okay, so perhaps the latter is a bit exaggerated; but there is some validity to the claim. So often I find myself poised in front of a computer screen amidst all these glorious wires and blinking lights that bless me with instantaneous connection with friends and family throughout the world. Yet, so often I feel utterly detached.

Blogging could be a way of personalizing the internet; of demonstrating that there's more to fast-paced communication than small talk and empty chit chat. I'd like to think that, during those weeks or months when, for whatever reason, I am unreachable by phone or for lengthy face-to-face dialogues, having a blog could allow close friends to catch a glimpse of my life. To somehow remain in touch.

Well, I'll close now.

This issue will obviously remain fodder for public debate, but one final thought:

Whether or not one forges new connections or relationships with fellow bloggers or passing viewers, at the least blogging helps us to uncover or to regain sight of the SELF that is so often overwhelmed or obscured by the demands and the doldrums of day-to-day life.

With that, I say, BLOG AWAY!!